John Noble

Gentleman Extraordinaire


- “Preposterous!”
- The Sun Never Sets…
- “Manservant!”
- Big Game Hunter
- A Noble Upbringing
- Blind to Danger
- ?
- ?

- ?
- ?

- Endurance
- Guns
- Athletics
- Resources
- Leadership
- Resolve
- Fists
- Rapport
- Contacting
- Weapons
- Gambling
- Intimidation
- Pilot
- Drive
- Might

- Manservant (Contact, Close Contact)
- Long Shot
- Stay on Target
- Death Defiance

Companion: Manservant
- Attributes:
– Base Scope: Physical
– Advances:
– Scope: Social
– Quality (2): Improve to Good
– Skilled: Stealth
– Skilled: Survival
– Skilled: Alertness


Early Life:
- A Noble Upbringing
- “Preposterous!”
John Noble was born to Edwin and Jane Noble on January 1st, 1901. He was an only child, and thus enjoyed the undivided—and lavish—attentions of his two wealthy parents. His parents, of course, did not work, as they were possessed of that most valuable sort of money, old wealth, and thus belonged a particularly elite class of the British gentry. He was raised as any gentleman should, given a classical education, and ingrained in the ways of British manliness. One of the many things he picked up during his younger years was a suspicion of the mystical arts, which must offend the sensibilities of any true gentleman. Real power clearly does not come from chanting and incense, but from old blood, wealth, and full knowledge of one’s inherent superiority.

The Great War:
- Aspects gained:
– Blind to Danger
– The Sun Never Sets…
- Stunts gained:
– Death Defiance
– Long Shot
– Stay on Target
As any British gentleman of any standing would do, John Noble enlisted as an officer in the British army to keep his social inferiors in line and turn the tide of battle in favor of Great Britain. Noble was captured by German forces at the Battle of the Somme (after the death of his entire force in a valiant charge on the German positions), and imprisoned. But no true gentleman can possibly be kept in such conditions. Noble led a heroic escape from the prison, involving a prison riot, a duel with the prison commander, two months of harrowing chases throughout the German countryside, and culminating in a daring swim across the channel to reach his beloved England once more. Noble was hailed as a war hero and paraded across the country. After the war ended, he was given a minor role as a political functionary and traveled the world to all the colonies of that most noble of nations, Great Britain. He soon tired of this, however, and abandoned this dull post to pursue more interesting adventures.

John Noble and the Isle of Death:
- Aspects gained:
– “Manservant!”
– Big Game Hunter
- Stunts gained:
– Contact
– Close Contact
British war hero and hunter extraordinaire John Noble uncovers a picture of a wild beast in an ancient text unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Unable to resist the temptation of this new challenge, John Noble travels to the island of Nmampangputaw, off the unsettled coast of Brazil, known to the native inhabitants as… THE ISLE OF DEATH. Noble quickly becomes embroiled in a twisted plot of mystic shamans, carnivorous beasts, and forbidden love. Will our hero emerge alive? Can he overcome the trials set before him? Or shall he just become one more victim of… THE ISLE OF DEATH.

Co-starring in story:
- Aspects gained:
– ?

Co-starring in story:
- Aspects gained:
– ?

John Noble

The Noble Adventures of John Noble Indubitably